LS21 Log Splitter

Ready to go anywhere!


An ECHO Bear Cat Log Splitter does the work for you. Powered by a dependable Honda engine and a 2-stage hydraulic pump, this ECHO Bear Cat Log Splitter delivers 21 tons of splitting power. The complete cycle time is only 12 seconds and, with the wide-angle wedge, it makes quick work of any log up to 24 inches long. It operates in either a horizontal or vertical position and are road-towable equipped with a 2 inch ball coupler and large Carlisle Sure Trail tires. The optional Quick Split easily sets the cylinder stroke length saving time and fuel.


  • Log Cradle Extension
  • Quick Split
  • Throttle Back
  • 4-Way Wedge
  • Log Stripper Plate
Engine5.5 HP Subaru EA
Cylinder (in) (Bore x Stroke)4 x 24
Starter TypeRecoil
Weight (kg)195
Cycle Time12 seconds
Warranty2 Year Consumer
1 Year Commercial
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