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ECHO Bear Cat manufactures rugged and reliable wood chippers to take care of a wide range of prunings and trees with ease and provides you with a clean air alternative. Chipping wood into mulch is a safe and ecological approach to getting rid of yard debris than burning. The wood product can be used for a number of garden, farming and landscaping purposes. Tree services and landscaping companies use ECHO Bear Cat chippers to do job site cleanup, producing mulch, power line clearing and easement cleaning. Choose from the economical gravity feed or hydraulic feed with the patented Smart Feed Systems. Each chipper is assembled with reversible chipping blades, which increase service intervals for blade sharpening. The chipping blades are easily accessible through a hinged cover that makes maintenance and repairs simple and effortless. Other advantages include, sturdy frame construction, heat-treated steel chipper blades, a four-edge adjustable anvil ensures exceptional chipping ability.

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